Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Runday

A second post!  I’m back for round two.

Getting out of bed when it's only 50 degrees is tough.  I've been reading blogs for 5+ years now and I've always envied runners who got to run in beautiful sub 40 degree temperatures.  I'm reconsidering that because first off, my toilet seat was freaking freezing this morning!  I mean it was like sitting on a block of ice.  (I wonder if they make heaters for that kind of thing?)  Second off, I'm almost positive that I have a case of frost bite from this mornings run.

The promise of hot coffee waiting at home got me through my 9 miles.  I can't complain too much because look at that sky!  Absolutely beautiful.

Besides running, I spent this weekend relaxing and getting things done.  I had to mail some scholarship paperwork and thank you notes at the post office, work on some assignments for student teaching (I can’t believe I only have 5 more weeks left!!), tackle my tower of (clean!) clothes in the laundry room, and watch some Netflix.

I also fell head over heels for blue grapes.  I wish smellavision was a thing because the smell of these is unexplainable:

I’ve recently started training for another marathon.  Actually, day 1 of training begins tomorrow.  But for the month of October I have been slowly building my endurance back up.  I’ve been happy to reintroduce SundayRundays back into my life (long run day).  I decided that on Sundays I am going to recap my weekly training runs, because, why not?  I’m not super speedy or anything special, but I get a special joy from running (most of the time).

So this is what this week looked like:

Monday 10/27 - easy 4 miles on the treadmill  (33:30).  Mondays are typically a rest day for me.  I got home earlier than usual from work and took advantage of having the time to run without rushing.

Tuesday 10/28 - 5 miles outside (42:23)

Wednesday 10/29  - 5 miles outside (43:39)

Thursday 10/30 - rest day (Usually Wednesday are a rest day, but I’m learning to be flexible.  I had an event to go to for school.)

Friday 10/31 - painful 4 mile treadmill run (34:00). All the candy/sugar and cashews I consumed did not make for a happy running tummy.  I should have predicted that outcome.  I also walked for 2 miles because I got sucked into the Blackhole known as Netflix.

Saturday 11/1 - nice and easy 4 miles on the treadmill (33:45).  My treadmill is in the garage so when it’s hot outside it gets pretty brutal.  But when it’s cool outside it’s lovely.

Sunday 11/2 - 9 insanely windy miles! (1:18:10)  I felt like I was running against a headwind 75% of time.

Total milage: 31 miles

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