Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rainy Long Run

On the agenda for my run today was 10 miles.  It wasn't supposed to rain until 10 am.

What did the sky decide to do?  Open up shop at 7:20 am (4 miles into my run) and turn me into a soggy mess.

I was running with my new iPhone 6 and had to steal a few newspapers to use their plastic bags to protect my phone.  Note to self: get something to protect my phone from rain/water/sweat/coffee/melted chocolate.

My run was slow.  My shoes were soaked which made them heavy on my already hefty feeling legs from wearing heels all day on Saturday.
BUT I finished it.  And that's all that counts in my mind.

Last week in my little running bubble:

Monday 11/3 - Rest day :)

Tuesday 11/4 - 6 treadmill miles

Wednesday 11/5  - 5 treadmill miles

Thursday 11/6 - 5 treadmill miles

Friday 11/7 - I usually run on Fridays, but I had a wedding rehearsal and dinner so I ran Wednesday instead.

Saturday 11/8 - 1 mile.  I was at a wedding on Saturday and thought I could get in 5 miles afterwards.  Ha, didn't happen.  Too much cake in the belly.  I'm not planning on counting this mile.

Sunday 11/9 - 10 long, wet, painfully slow miles done in a torrential downpour.  I'm happy I finished instead of wimping out like I wanted to.

Total milage: 26

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